In order to get into the ideal school

Take the overall guidance and individual guidance as the lead, carry out paper revision, material production, interview exercises, etc., to fully support students’ aspirations of colleges and universities.

Study guidance process



Divide the classes according to the test results.


Individual dialogue

We will create opportunities to consult with all school students individually, not only on classes but also on life in Japan.


Off-campus activities

We will enjoy learning about Japanese culture and hold various events.


Various qualification tests

We will challenge the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the International Student Test.


Rich information about further education

Many materials are also prepared in the brochures and admission brochures of colleges, universities and specialized schools, and the information of the seminar, the schedule of the entrance examination and the deadline for application will also be provided to you at any time.


Interview for further study

Conduct a seminar and personal interview as an activity of the school. You can also communicate with the teacher at any time.


Test preparation

We provide support for the examinations by submitting a batch application for the Japanese University Admissions Test and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and conducting mock tests at appropriate times.


Take leadership

We carefully guide all applicants from requesting materials to the university where they want to go to school, checking required documents, writing and correcting the application form.


Thesis guidance

We identify what students want to learn and provide thesis guidance necessary to pass.


Entrance examination support

Interview guidance will be provided individually. In addition to greetings and wording, we also provide interview guidance to suit each student so that they can pass their individuality.


Admission procedure

For successful applicants, we will carefully support you until you enter the school.



Start of a new stage in Japan!!

Respecting student will

○ Class teacher system

The teacher in charge of the class will give you careful guidance.

○ EJU countermeasure class

Other than “Japanese”, “English”, “Math”, “General Subjects”
Focus on the exam subjects required for the exam.

○ Career guidance in other languages

It is possible to manage the situation of going on to school and provide instruction in your native language centered on English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

○ Test interview guide

Each person will conduct interview exercises and teach points to be aware of.

Japanese leadership to take the College of Art and Design, University of the Arts

According to the purpose of each person

Guidance for exams such as practical skills, essays, interviews, research plans, etc.

Take famous art universities and colleges as qualified targets.

Results and achievements

〜 Destinations for graduates 〜

In addition to passing the results of famous universities and graduate schools, we are proud of passing the results in various regions and various faculties and departments.

Graduate School

University of Tsukuba

Hokkaido University

Chiba University

Niigata University

Waseda University

Tokyo University of Science

Dokkyo University

Osaka City University

Takachiho University

Mejiro University



Keio University

Meiji University

Chuo University

Nihon University

Ferris University

Tokyo City University

Chiba University

Kochi University

Senshu University

Komazawa University

Toyo University

Kokugakuin University

Musashino University

Daito Bunka University

Takushoku University

Tokyo Keizai University

Tokyo Fuji University

Tokyo International University

Shizuoka Sangyo University

Meikai University

Shumei University

Keiai University

Ryutsu Keigo University

Toseikan University


Vocational school

Japan Electronics College

Ohara Bookkeeping School

Central Technical School

Tokyo IT Accounting College

Waseda International Business College

Tokyo Design College

Tokyo International Business College

Hana Cooking & Confectionary College

Sundai Legal Economics & Business College

Yomiuri Driving College

College of Digital Arts Tokyo

JTB Travel & Hotel College



Many students are employed from large companies to small and medium-sized companies.

According to the direction of personal education or employment, tailor-made suitable guidance for everyone to create a better future.

When they feel uneasy about their direction, the faculty will work together to find the most suitable university and department.


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