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Tokyo JE Language School  is not only for students to learn Japanese, but also for students who want to go to a graduate school, university, or vocational school in Japan, by giving them classes in high quality Japanese , We also provide comprehensive education in order to acquire the education necessary for success in the world. Teachers and staff work together to provide students with instruction so that they can become accustomed to the culture and life in a foreign country as soon as possible and have fun learning.

Course information

Overall ability up!!

Study Abroad Japanese Course

In order to enter Japanese universities, colleges, special schools, and Japanese enterprises, and to pass the Japanese Proficiency Test N1 and N2, we need to comprehensively cultivate the required Japanese abilities (vocabulary, grammar, etc.).

It is divided into four periods: April, July, October, January and four periods to enroll students. Courses with different abilities are arranged according to the strength of Japanese.

Artist training!!

Art and science course

This class is for students who wish to go to an art . art university, which will be opened in parallel with the study abroad program.

After this course, you will acquire the basic skills of art such as drawing, color composition, and plane composition required by art colleges and graduate schools.

While taking into account the differences in education received in each country, we will cultivate the “aesthetic sense” required by Japanese art colleges.

Although the range of art is wide-ranging, we aim to pass the prestigious art university and graduate school by giving guidance on practical skills, essays, interviews, research plans, etc. according to the purpose of each person.

Specialist training!!

Corresponding courses
for EJU examination

At our school, in parallel with the study abroad program, we have set up a course for entrance examinations for “Japanese”, “general subjects”, and “science” measures for the Japanese University Admissions Examination. After the lesson, we aim to improve the score by repeating writing and listening practice by past questions with a small number of people.

The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) is an examination that evaluates the Japanese language ability and basic academic ability of international students who wish to enroll in a Japanese university. You need to take the exam.

※ Scheduled to start in July 2020


Cool japan experience!!

Short-term study abroad course

This is a short-term intensive course in summer and winter.

Obtain a short-term visa and study Japanese suitable for your level within a short period of 1 to 3 months.

There are also extracurricular lessons, where you can learn about Japanese culture and events and deepen your understanding of Japanese affairs. After taking the course, a certificate will be issued.

Auditor course

Those who are already in Japan or have a visa to stay in Japan can enroll at any time.

※ However, in order to more effectively study Japanese,We recommend enrolling in April, July, and October together with the regular course.

※ Study together with international students in the Japanese language course for study abroad.

Private lesson course

You can freely set what you want to study according to your purpose and wishes.

You can customize the content of the lesson, class time, textbooks, etc. according to your wishes and learn.

After the counseling, we will set the curriculum for the lesson.

According to the direction of personal education or employment, tailor-made suitable guidance for everyone to create a better future.

When they feel uneasy about their direction, the faculty will work together to find the most suitable university and department.

Educational guidance

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