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Application qualification

Those who have completed 12 years of school education.

Those who pass the Japanese proficiency test N5, or who are considered to be equivalent in the Japanese language test.

People who can prove that they have studied Japanese for more than 150 hours in the Japanese classroom in their own country.

Admission procedures


If you are interested in enrollment, please call Tokyo JE Language School (hereinafter referred to as our school) by phone, fax or email.

The school will simply confirm the nationality, age, reasons for attending school and so on.


The school will conduct a written review or conduct an interview locally.

Please remit the examination fee (25,000 yen) and submit the documents required for the visa.

< confirm that the required documents are here > Download the application materials


For applicants who have been admitted, our school will submit the necessary documents to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau and apply for a “Certificate of Eligibility”.


After the examination period of about 2 months, a “Certificate of Eligibility” will be issued.

※ If you do not get the recognition, the admission qualification of our school will be cancelled automatically.

Regarding refund method of payment
⇒ See <Refund Policy> 1.


Students who receive the Certificate of qualification for stay will receive tuition fees from our school.
For the letter of request, please remit the tuition fee to the account designated by the school as soon as possible. After confirming the receipt, the original Certificate of qualification for stay will be sent and. Admission permit.

After confirming the collection, the original of “certificate of qualification in retention” and “Admission permit”.

※ The certificate of eligibility” has been issued, but has not applied for a visa to enter the country without coming to Japan.

Please go through the following procedures.

Regarding payment refund method
⇒ See <Refund Policy> 2


Please apply for a visa from the Japanese embassy.
After the visa is issued, please be ready to come to Japan as soon as possible.

※ In case you do not get a visa, the tuition fees paid will be refunded in addition to the application fees and bursaries. Fees for facilities and teaching materials

Regarding payment refund method ⇒ See <Refund Policy> 3

※ Although you have obtained a visa to go to Japan, if you give up admission before you come to Japan, please go through the following procedures.

Regarding payment refund method ⇒ See <Refund Policy> 4


Go to Japan and then go to school !!

The life of studying abroad in Tokyo begins !!!

Looking forward to your admission !!


Application documents PDF

About refund method of payment

If you cannot enter the country after applying to the Immigration Bureau, or if you do not enter the school,

refunds will be in accordance with the Refund Policy.

〈Refund policy〉

1、When “Certificate of Eligibility” is not issued

          → All payments will be refunded except the application screening fee.

2、If a “Certificate of Eligibility” has been issued but you have not arrived in Japan without applying for an entry visa (visa)

       → All payments will be refunded except the application screening fee and entrance fee.However, it is necessary to return the “entrance permit”            and “resident status certificate”.

3、If you applied for an entry visa at a diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) but you are unable to arrive in Japan

       → All payments will be refunded except the application screening fee and entrance fee.

      However, it is necessary to return the “entrance permit” and confirm that the visa was not issued at the diplomatic mission abroad.

4、If you obtained an entry visa but declined admission before coming to Japan

       → If the immigration visa is unused and confirmed to have expired,

      All payments will be refunded except the application screening fee and entrance fee.

      However, you must return the admission permit.

5、The situation in which students who have obtained a visa to study in Japan are unable to enroll or drop out due to their own reasons.

       → The application screening fee and entrance fee will not be refunded.

      As a general rule, tuition fees and facility and equipment costs will not be refunded.

      Expulsion procedures and proof of departure from Japan are required.

Documents of the applicant

 Admission application (school designated form)

         signature handwritten

 Resume (School Designated Form) Signature Handwritten
  Japanese translation attached to the reason for study

 4 photos taken within 3 months (3 cm x 4 cm)
    (Write your name and date of birth on the back of the photo)

 Diploma, certificate of achievement, and a report on the                   confirmation of academic qualifications submitted by                       graduating students.
         Attach Japanese translation or English translation

 Japanese learning Certificate                                                                         (Japanese test results, etc. are also acceptable)
         Study time more than 150 hours or proof of Japanese                         proficiency test
         A certificate of achievement or certificate is required for the           Japanese proficiency test for materials above N5.

 Certificate of in-service and in-service certificate shall be                 submitted by the person in-service and in-service after                     more  than half a year of graduation from the final academic           school


Documents of financial supporter

 Statement of payment of funds (designated paper for our school)

 Relationship with applicant Approval document Material to prove             the relationship between the sponsor and applicant Attached in               Japanese or English

 Employment certificate (period is also described)
  Copy of company register copy
  Business license

 Tax payment, income certificate

  For more information, please contact our school staff.

According to the direction of personal education or employment, tailor-made suitable guidance for everyone to create a better future.

When they feel uneasy about their direction, the faculty will work together to find the most suitable university and department.

Educational guidance

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