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The most suitable school for further study and employment in Japan

A lot of foreign students enter the school every year. It is focused on learning Japanese, culture and customs of Japan, and acquiring skills for entering Japanese schools, universities, and vocational schools and working in Japanese companies.

We will support all our students to realize our dream in Japan.

Our school is located in the center of Tokyo. We have very good transportation facilities, shopping centers, leisure facilities, cultural facilities, and so on.


Look at the past notice

Extend your potential and create the future




※ 日本国法務省から告示を受けた、





🌸   4月入学 「2年」

🎋   7月入学 「1年9か月」

🍁 10月入学 「1年6か月」

👘   1月入学 「1年3か月」

※ 入学時の日本語が初級者なら2年間学べる










It is a Japanese language school located in the center of Tokyo with a long history and achievements over 35 years.

※ It is an appropriate school under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo immigration control bureau, which received the notice from the Ministry of justice of Japan.

Four overseas courses

To train Japanese language for school and work

There are 4 courses.

🌸  Admission in April “2 years”

🎋  Admission in July “1 year and 9 months ”

🍁  Admission in October  “1 year and 6 months”

👘  Admission in January  “1 year and 3 months”

※ If you are a beginner in Japanese at the time of admission, we recommend the “April Admission Course”, where you can study for two years.

In order to enroll

In order to study for a long time as an international student, it is necessary to obtain the visa.

When you enter the school, the school will act and apply to the immigration control bureau.

Substantial guidance for individual further studies

Teachers who have a lot of experience carry out the guidance to the students.

I will teach you carefully and carefully according to the hope of going to school.

A rich international exchange place



Within the school, students from various countries are learning and active exchange with students from other countries.

Because the common language is Japanese, it is connected to the study of Japanese by increasing foreign friends.

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Communication with friends

According to the direction of personal education or employment, tailor-made suitable guidance for everyone to create a better future.

When they feel uneasy about their direction, the faculty will work together to find the most suitable university and department.

Educational guidance

  • 03-5602-9771
  • info@tokyoje.com
  • 2F Kiba Park Building, 5-11-13 Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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